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Personal injury cases: We partner with attorneys

When a personal injury arises, the need for chiropractic care can be apparent. Unfortunately, you might not always be able to afford the care you need and deserve. When the accident wasn’t your fault or when insurance won’t cover your fees, you shouldn’t have to pay for joint and injury care out of your own pocket. If you encounter a personal injury due to an accident and are working with an attorney, we can help.

We work with attorneys, often on a lien, to help you recover from accidents. Oftentimes, the longer you wait for care, the worse your injury and the recovery process can be. At Onkels Chiropractic, we will work diligently to get you treatment quickly after your injury so that you can get started on the road to healing and avoid lasting damage.

You deserve the best chiropractic care when injured, and you don’t need to use your lawyer's chiropractor. Injuries to your joints and bones do not only cause pain and reduce functionality, but can also affect the quality of your life. Therefore, it’s important to get the best treatment as soon as possible. Our office has had years of experience in helping with auto accident injuries and you can rest assured that you will receive the utmost level of care and service possible.

Working on a lien means you don't pay up front, but you get the care you need immediately. Our first priority is to ensure that you receive proper treatment and quickly recover from your injuries. You shouldn't have to pay out of pocket for personal injury care or have to worry about how you’re going to make the payments, which is why we work with various attorneys to provide care on a lien.

We are very experienced in PI care and work in concert with the attorney. We can handle talking to the attorney about your case and ensuring that you are getting the care that you need and deserve. We will work side by side with your attorney every step of the way to make sure that you are able to focus your attention on recovering.

Come to us first and we can find you a reputable attorney. Let's face it, not all attorneys have your best interests in mind. We understand this, and we have experience working with attorneys in a variety of personal injury cases. Don't put your health in the hands of an attorney who doesn't care about you, contact us first as we know of a few honest and highly recommended attorneys who are specialized in personal injury cases.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 to help you find a reputable attorney for your personal injury cases.

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The chiropractic cure: knee injuries

Knee injuries are incredibly common, and not just among athletes. They can occur frequently to everyday people, including those who exercise and work in an environment where slips and falls are common. Thankfully, chiropractic care can help facilitate the healing in the meniscus. Proper adjustments and realignments of the joints can help to ensure that your knees stay in good health.

The meniscus is the fibrocartilage that cushions the joint in the knee. When the meniscus is damaged, it can become painful to move the joint and the bones will not properly move like they naturally do. When you suspect that there might be some injury to your meniscus, it’s important to get an evaluation from a chiropractor.

The meniscus acts like a shock absorber- much like your car's suspension. Every time you step down, your meniscus works to protect the bones in your knee from hitting one another. It is a vital function, and a damaged meniscus can cause serious and lasting damage to the knee joint. Proper care after an injury is vital, and the sooner you seek the help of a professional like a chiropractor, the quicker and better the healing process will be.

The meniscus prevents your knee bones from grinding against one another. When this starts to occur, serious damage to the joint can, and usually will, result. It is crucial that you seek help after any knee injury where there is risk of damage to the meniscus. Without proper healing, you can cause severe damage to your knee that might not be repairable without surgery or even a knee replacement.Common reasons for a meniscal tear due to degeneration are: sudden change in direction while walking or running; forceful full flexion, such as squatting down or coming back up from a squat; or minor stress to the knee joint.

Joint manipulation and therapies such as electrical stimulation and cold laser therapy help heal the meniscus. Meniscal tears are often a result of stress to the knee joints, forceful flexion of the knees, sudden turns while walking or running, as well as aging. Every injury is different, and finding the right treatment is key to ensuring that the meniscus is able to heal properly. We offer cold laser therapy which is a non-invasive procedure that helps to relieve knee pains.

The meniscus cannot heal on its own, so interventions are necessary for improvement. We can help you ensure that your knee injury does not become a lasting hindrance or problem. With proper adjustments, combined with other treatments and therapies, your meniscus can be healed. While a knee injury, even a slight one, can turn out to be serious, the right treatment can minimize damage and even help speed along healing to get you back on your feet in no time.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 to discuss therapy options for your knee injuries.

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You have a rhinovirus but aren't sick?

Do you know that you have an average of 40 different organisms in your body that can make you sick at any time. But wait, you're not sick! How is that possible? Your amazing immune system keeps you healthy and symptom free. 

"At any given moment if we were to swab you…we'd probably come up with five different rhinoviruses sitting in your nose but you're not sick," said Ann Palmenberg, a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Virology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

"Rhinos are out there all the time, it's just a question of when you are susceptible," she said. Factors such as stress, lack of sleep and people's overall health can make them more likely to get infected.

Guess what helps boost your immune system? Chiropractic adjustments! Getting adjusted removes interference from your nervous system and helps stimulate your immune system. Come on in today!

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Why are probiotics important?

Here’s why probiotics are so important. Normal people generally have some cancer cells, Candida yeast, E. coli, staphylococcus, strep, and any number of other potentially bad organisms you can think of in their tract most of the time. But they don’t get any disease. Researchers know, for example, that 50% of men over age 75 actually have prostate cancer, found on autopsy, but only 2% die from it. Why? The body encapsulated the cancer: limited and controlled its growth, walled it off. The discoverer of the HIV virus himself, Dr. Luc Montagnier, said that HIV alone cannot cause AIDS. A depressed immune environment is also necessary. Same with Candida or most other bacteria; normally they’ll be held in check by sufficient friendly bacteria. E. coli is actually a probiotic when held in check by normal friendly flora. It’s only when the friendly probiotic bacteria get killed off that the potentially bad organisms get a chance to get a foothold and take over. The bad bugs are then called opportunists.

So probiotics (friendly bacteria) are extremely important. The whole key is balance. For more info on the probiotics we offer and what probiotic-rich food you should eat stop by our office. 

(taken in part from Dr. Tim O'Shea's website, Thedoctorwithin.com)

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Just one reason why kids need chiropractic care

A nine-year old girl came into the office recently with her family to get adjusted. When I looked at her she had a lot of left-sided tension for no apparent reason. That's when I discovered she liked to carry her 20 pound backpack (I weighed it) on one shoulder to school. A 20 pound backpack is too much weight for a 75 pound youngster, especially when it's off balance! This is just one of the many reasons why kids do need chiropractic care. If you know of a family with young kids like this send them our way. We can help re-align them, prevent them from developing injuries and teach them the basics about ergonomics and posture. And we love treating kids- nothing makes your day like a happy young smile!

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