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How we work: Most insurance policies accepted

Do you know that the #1 reason why people don't go to the chiropractor is that they are unsure how much it will cost? Some people are unaware of the costs attributed to attending chiropractic sessions and aren’t informed about their health care coverage and benefits. Many individuals miss out on vital chiropractic therapy which could help them with a number of health issues, including aches and problems associated with bones, joints, and muscles.

Most people want to use their insurance benefits. The idea behind paying monthly health insurance premiums is to have affordable coverage when health issues arise. However, many people don’t realize that visiting a chiropractor is often covered under most insurance policies. Certain chiropractic services, such as spinal adjustments and manipulations are chiropractic benefits that are covered by health insurance policies.

We make it easy to pay for your care, whether it's by insurance, on an attorney lien, or cash. We strive to help our clients by providing them with effective treatment options that can allow them to get back to living a happy and healthy lifestyle. We understand that health care costs can oftentimes be expensive so we try to simplify the payment process for our services because we don’t want you missing out on important therapy and preventative care simply because it’s too expensive.

We accept most HMO's, PPO's, and Medicare. Call us if you would like to check your coverage. We are a provider for many insurance companies and accept both PPO’s and HMO’s that cover chiropractic care benefits. We are available to discuss the insurance policies accepted at our clinic, as well as our other payment options, in case your insurance policy doesn’t cover chiropractic care. Give us a call to discuss which insurance policies we accept and find out more about our different payment options.

We have simple cash plans too! They never expire and are the best value! If your insurance policies don’t cover chiropractic care, we offer discounted cash plans which are a great way to take advantage of our services. For only $450, we provide 10 sessions and this cash plan never expires, so you can use it any time you’re in need of chiropractic adjustments.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 to discuss which insurance policies are accepted.

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The chiropractic cure: shoulder injuries 

Shoulders are an important part of your posture and say a lot about you. What do yours say? Shoulders help us to communicate respect and reverence, but they also help us to communicate happiness and joy. Belly dancers in Beirut shimmy their shoulders as do Samba dancers in Bahia; a world away to communicate sensuality and joy. Dancing around the world celebrates the human spirit and invariably it involves the shoulders. After all, what would carnivals in Brazil be like without shoulders moving rhythmically? Now the shoulder has to be flexible yet also strong and stable, and because of that, it is one of the most frequently injured joints. The shoulder joint, known for having the greatest range of motion, is often placed under a lot of stress and can easily be overworked. Various injuries can occur to the shoulder muscles and bones due to exercise, accidents, or just with everyday wear and tear. Chiropractic care is one of the best ways to help treat injuries or aches, and ultimately can help to restore your body to its optimal health.

A breakdown in proper biomechanics can increase wear and tear on the joint resulting in arthritis. While shoulder arthritis is not nearly as common as some other types of arthritis (i.e., hip arthritis and knee arthritis), it can still cause severe issues. Shoulder arthritis can cause a decrease in the protective cartilage of the shoulder joint and result in gradual narrowing of the joint. If not taken care of, arthritis of the shoulder can become a bigger issue. Thankfully, a visit to the chiropractor can greatly help to reduce the severity and pain associated with shoulder arthritis.

Shoulder injuries often lead to more serious injuries such as frozen shoulder syndrome, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Frozen shoulder syndrome is a condition that can cause stiffness in the shoulder joint, which can be very uncomfortable. However, with proper chiropractic care, the issues associated with frozen shoulder syndrome can be minimized. While carpal tunnel syndrome is another condition that can be caused by a shoulder injury, a chiropractor is able to get to the root of the problem and safely fix it.

We restore the proper function to the shoulder. We are experts at diagnosing and adjusting shoulder injuries. We are qualified to help restore the health of your body by using chiropractic techniques to adjust the vertebrae of your spine and neck, which can help alleviate pain, relieve stiffness, increase your mobility, and improve alignment of your shoulder. Through gentle chiropractic adjustments, we focus on restoring your shoulder back to its optimal state.

Physical therapy alone cannot restore shoulder function. Chiropractic adjustments are crucial for long-term success. While physical therapy can help alleviate some of the issues caused by shoulder injuries, it cannot fully restore your shoulder. That is where chiropractic care is necessary. We can help to locate any misaligned vertebrae and carefully perform gentle adjustments to get them realigned, restoring the function and mobility of your shoulder.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 to schedule an appointment and discuss which treatment options are most suitable for treating your shoulder injuries.

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Preventing baseball injuries

The most common symptom of a baseball injury is pain while throwing which causes a decrease in sport performance. Regarded as one of America’s favorite pastimes, playing baseball is enjoyed by both kids and adults. Common amongst young, competitive athletes, the risk of sustaining an injury while playing is high. Through repetitive throwing motions and overuse of the muscles and joints, players are prone to injuries such as shoulder tendinitis or a torn rotator cuff. Injuries related to the shoulder and the surrounding muscles and joints can cause excessive pain and difficulty in range of motion, causing a decrease in one’s ability to perform efficiently.

Oftentimes the injuries sustained while playing baseball as a kid lingers and develops into something more serious with increasing age. While muscle soreness may be common amongst individuals who play frequently, it’s important to get chiropractic check-ups to ensure that persistent problems aren’t more serious than anticipated. Allowing the injuries to become more aggravated can result in major problems and also limit your options for treatment (i.e., surgery). Don’t allow the pain to linger as it may become unmanageable and more difficult to treat down the line.

Various joints are affected playing baseball (e.g., wrists, shoulders, ankles, hips, etc.). While playing baseball, one’s entire body is in motion. Excessive and repetitive movement of the shoulders and hips can trigger pain and cause problems to various joints, muscles, tendons, and bones. An injury sustained to one part of the body can affect various other regions. Therefore, it’s important to seek chiropractic treatment if you’re experiencing pain in order to ensure that you’re not at risk for more serious injuries.

Chiropractic adjustments increase mobility in all your joints; ideal for improving your swing! Our chiropractors can restore the movement in your body and adjust your alignment through various treatment options. With soft tissue and joint manipulation, and alignment of the spine, we can increase mobility in all the joints and help you get back on track.

Adjustments help prevent injuries by improving your biomechanics. At Onkels Chiropractic, we not only work to treat injuries but we also focus on taking preventative measures to ensure injuries don’t occur in the first place. Regular chiropractic adjustments can improve your movement as well as your posture and strength; providing you comfort and increasing your performance.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 to schedule a consultation with us.

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Special deal

For only $450, you can get 10 chiropractic care visits. At Onkels Chiropractic, we offer affordable cash discounted packages because we want our clients to get the care they need without having to spend a fortune. These amazing cash discounts make treatment a lot more affordable and allow you to take advantage of your health and overall well-being.

Regular chiropractic care can reduce injuries and illness. Monthly adjustments can be very beneficial for your health. Our special deal of 10 chiropractic visits can ensure that you regularly stay in great shape and prevent any major injuries from arising. Our chiropractic services will help adjust your bones, muscles, and joints; keeping them healthy, strong, and functional.

Save money by getting maintenance care. Oftentimes, it’s less expensive to get regular maintenance for chiropractic adjustments rather than just coming in when you experience pain or have an injury. Visiting a chiropractor only when an injury arises can often be costly and can cause you to undergo intensive measures for treatment. Regular visits can help to reduce the risk of injury; providing you with a peace of mind and less expenses in the end.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 for more information on our special deals!

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Personal injury cases: We can work “on lien”

Get the care you need after a car accident without having to immediately worry about the payments. In the event of a car accident, many people worry about not having enough money to pay for the care they need. When working on attorney lien, rest assured that you don’t have to pay for your care until your case is settled. We work with attorneys to help you get the care you deserve so you can focus on getting proper treatment and a speedy recovery.

You get the care you need right away. Don’t wait too long to get treatment for your injuries because the longer you do, the longer and more difficult the recovery process can be. We work with qualified attorneys to get you the care you need as soon as possible. With multiple years of experience dealing with car accident injuries, we can help treat bone and joint injuries; reducing the pain while increasing the functionality.

Return back to your optimal physical health after an accident. Our health is a crucial component to our lives and it’s important that we get proper treatment after an accident. Most individuals can fully recover after a car accident injury as long as they get the care they need. We are fully committed to helping our patients recover and get back on their feet.

We work with a very select group of excellent, skilled attorneys who specialize in personal injury. We have experience working with various reputable attorneys who have helped with personal injury cases. It’s important to find a skilled attorney who has your best interest in mind. In the event of an accident, contact us and we will be more than happy to help you find an attorney who will work on a lien.

You care is paramount to us. Some facilities provide sub par care when working on a lien, but not at Onkels Chiropractic. We ensure that you will get the quality care that you deserve. We are qualified and skilled chiropractors who can discuss various treatment options with you and help restore your body to its optimal state.

Call us at (818) 841-2442 to help you find a reputable attorney for your personal injury cases.

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